Get great-looking hair the Redken way. Their advanced professional hair products will allow you live the New York lifestyle every day.

Redken balances its solid past of science with inspiration from the industry's best educators as well as a street sense of fashion, keeping Redken on the cutting edge.


Since the sixties, Redken has been a force in the salon industry. They have continuously invested in developing their skills, techniques, and products. Their exclusive formulas are extremely popular around the world.

Proprietary formulas allow them to give consumers products that cannot be found anywhere else. A Hollywood actress name Paula Kent was responsible for founding the company and Redken now has a great deal of time and money invested in its innovative products.

When you see a woman with beautiful hair, chances are she is using Redken. In hair shows and contests, Redken is widely known to stylists for its incredible effectiveness in creating truly unique and beautiful hairstyles.

The image put forward by Redken is one which every women dreams about when it comes to her hair. From shiny, silky long hair, to perfect spiraling curls to edgy short hair, there is a product from Redken for everyone.

Redken makes products for all kinds of different hair types so you can choose the one that is right for you and your hair. AllSoft is a range of hair products for those who have dry or brittle hair. These products have been specially designed in the Redken lab to add smoothness and shine to dry, dull hair and to add strength to brittle hair.

For strong, thick hair full of body, nothing is better than the Body Full line, designed especially to give body to thin or fine hair.  Those with dry hair or even normal hair that needs a boost would be well-off using Clear Moisture, which is a moisturizing dream for dry hair.

Redken makes superior salon products for a wide range of hair types and styling needs. At Hair Forte, we have the full range of high quality Redken products to choose from.




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